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There are currently 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
The size of deposit needed to ensure the running positions in the market are kept active.

Margin Account
An account provided by brokers that allows investors to buy securities borrowed funds.

Margin Call
The requirement made by a broker that a trader makes an additional deposit to cover possible losses.

Market Maker
A brokerage firm that buys and sells financial assets to provide liquidity to the markets.

Market Price
The current price of a financial asset being traded in the market.

Market Risk
The potential risk of loss when investing in a specific asset.

Maximum Leverage
The largest amount of leverage available on the initial deposit.

The innovative trading platform used to provide brokerage services to traders in multiple financial assets.

Mine and Yours
Terms used to describe the intention to buy or sell. "Mine" is used when buying, and "yours" is used when selling.

A miner's duty is to keep blockchains secure by confirming transactions and time-stamping entries.

Monetary Poilicy
The policy regarding interest rates and money supply put in place by the central bank of a particular country.

Money Market
A segment of the financial market involving transactions of financial assets with fast maturities and high liquidity.

Moving Acerage Convergence Divergence (MACD)
A technical indicator used to determine the trend of the market.

Moving Average
A technical indicator used to filter out the abnormalities to allow the focus to be on the statistical average of the original curve.

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