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Equivalent to the eighth decimal place, this is the smallest unit of bitcoin.

A strategy used by traders who make many small short-term transactions, looking to increase their profits with multiple small increments that can compound.

Stands for the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Any financial asset that can be traded.

Security Exchange Commission (SEC)
U.S. government agency that regulates national securities industry, stock markets, and electronic securities agency.

Sell Limit Order
The process of limiting the price on a transaction.

Sell Stop
An order for a limit order to become a market order once it falls below the current market price.

Opening a buy position in the market is referred to as "going long"

Short Position
Selling first and buying later to produce a profit or loss from the difference.

The price difference between an assets displayed value and the exact value when a transaction occurs.

Taking the value of the current date and selling at that price, but settling in the following two days.

Spot Price
The current price an asset can be bought or sold in the marketplace.

The difference in value between the ask price and the bid price of a financial asset.

A name for the British Pound (GBP), also called the pound sterling.

An oscillating indicator used to determine the change in price of a financial asset from one closing period to the next.

A share in the ownership of a company and the respective assets and earnings.

Stop Loss Order
An order given by a broker to limit an investor's loss by making them sell when a security reaches a certain price.

An order to buy when the currency price is above the current market.

Strike Price
An asset's value when it is purchased or sold.

The process of exchanging value of one investor's assets with another investor's assets.

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