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Stock is a type of security that entitles stockholders a proportion of the corporations’ assets and earnings in the form of dividends. Trade stocks such as Apple, Google, and other popular stock markets around the world. 555Markets allows you to control your profits and benefits using our specialized tools while keeping the spreads low.

Trading Stocks with Leverage

Leverage up to 1:50 is available. Trade with the effect of $5000, with only an initial investment of $100.


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In comparison to other instruments, stocks have historically shown the greatest return on investments.

Based on proper economic indicators, technical analysis and historical growth of the company, one can better predict the movement of stock markets in comparison to other markets like Forex.

Diversify your investment portfolios by trading a broad range of financial instruments.

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All financial transactions are controlled by a secure gateway.

The maximum payment and withdrawal time is 24 hours.

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